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Extracurricular is built on playing, exploring, having fun, and looking sharp in our ultimate pursuit of living the good life. It's the celebration of time well spent. A brand for the gent who prides himself with the pursuit of leisure. We revel in the heritage of Sportswear Classics…evocative of a mood and lifestyle that’s built upon traditions and values; untethered to any one athletic pursuit. Classic pieces that take you from the greens to cocktails, with a possible game of rummy in between.

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Magellan Jets

Magellan Jets, established in 2008, is a premier private aviation company that offers bespoke jet charter services. Renowned for its commitment to safety, transparency, and personalized service, Magellan Jets provides access to a vast network of meticulously vetted aircraft and top-tier crew members. The company's innovative membership programs and on-demand charter solutions cater to discerning clients seeking convenience, flexibility, and luxury. With a focus on delivering exceptional experiences, Magellan Jets stands as a leader in the private aviation industry, dedicated to meeting the unique needs of each traveler.

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