Written by
John Schwartz
Mar 07 2024
- 3 MIN
Chris Rosaasen, GM of 4Aces GC

4AcesGC Announces our General Manager: Chris Rosaasen.

Chris Rosaasen is widely respected in both the marketing and golf worlds, having previously led TravisMathew as CEO. He will now bring his expertise to 4Aces GC as General Manager, where his leadership will assist in ensuring that 4Aces GC is regarded as the leading franchise in the golf world.

Undeniably, Chris Rosassen is a visionary leader. He was instrumental in shaping TravisMathew's brand identity and establishing its position as a trailblazer in the golf apparel industry. His strategic vision and leadership propelled TravisMathew to the forefront of the market, captivating audiences with compelling brand narratives and distinctive style.

In his role as the General Manager of 4Aces GC, Chris brings his wealth of experience and expertise to lead the strategic direction of the team’s future. Under his guidance, 4Aces GC will achieve remarkable milestones by leveraging cutting-edge marketing techniques to solidify its standing as the leader in LIV Golf.

Chris Rosaasen's legacy of transformative leadership and groundbreaking marketing strategies stands as a testament to his relentless pursuit of excellence and innovation. 4Aces GC is in good hands for the 2024 season and prepared to reach even greater levels of success.